Mid Pac Country Club 9-hole Golf Tournament

Welcome to the Inaugural Aloha Fellowship Golf Outing At the Beautiful Mid-Pacific Country Club, February 5, 2019 Nine-hole Shotgun Tournament, Modified ScrambleEnjoy the unique tastes of Japanese sake and French wines!   NIJI Junmai Ginjo, brewed by 12th generation...

Park Lane Event Featuring – MW Restaurant & Caoli Cano

Sake Creations Featuring: Caoli Cano   12th generation brewmaster Hasamaya Brewery, established in 1757 Pairings by MW Restaurant   NIJI Junmai Ginjo, Kuranohana Rice, 55% polishing, 15.0-15.9%.  Dry and well balanced with a subtle earthy finish.  Smooth and...

Kahala Hotel Dinner Featuring: Caoli Cano

Caoli Cano is special guest to our Kahala Hotel Dinner Event. Aloha Wines & Sake participates in a proper Sake serving night with one of the world’s well known Sake enthusiasts.

Mid Pacific Country Club 9-Hole Golf, Wine & Sake

We hosted a fun bash at the Mid Pacific Country Club for the first time and called it the “9-Hole Golf, Wine and Sake.”

Aloha Wines & Sake is bound together by a select group of individuals who enjoy the activity of networking through social gatherings and events. During these gatherings, majority of the time, it is described to be filled with laughter, educational participation, live entertainment, and most importantly glasses filled with either wine or sake. Glenn Miyataki imports the Lemaries’ wines to Hawaii, from South France. Aloha Wines & Sake has the exclusive rights to import two of Ms. Cano’s premium sakes: the privately-labeled Alan Wong’s ASAO junmai daiginjo and their popular NIJI junmai ginjo dry sake.

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